Below are some views of the back yard.

The rock garden is comprised of mostly naturally occurring things, except, of course, the Owl, Fire Hydrant & Mail Box.

A closer look

A couple of shells

Better contrast with a red stone background

A couple of dollars

My son brought the rocks in the jar from beeches in Greece

The yard has a pair of rain barrels in tandem.

Let's try a little rain.

Now a little more.

When it really rains, the barrel appears to take on a life of its own.

June Rain Chain. (I just happened on 'Rain Chains' in the course of a google search for downspouts.)

January Rain Chain (2011).

The bird feeder started out as a 16 by 24 inch cookie tray on a 6 foot pole, but the doves soon took over. A plexiglass roof solved the problem.

Bird diversity.

Red lovebirds?.

The squirrel is checking out the bird feeder.

Lot's O' birds.

Winter scenes.

Heavy Snow.

Summer grass.

Winter grass.

Summer Squirrels.

Winter Squirrels.

My son's dog: Wiley.

My jeep looks small in the mammoth bamboo jungle in the corner of the yard.

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